2015 Edition

With this activity the AMAO starts its own journey and its cultural and educational proposal in the region. The seminar will be held on different weekends in Tomelloso, Ciudad Real.

It will work different aspects relating to classical singing and each student can participate in various workshops according to his training needs and previous experience.

Vocal Technique Workshop:

Through vocal exercises and interpretation of some sung excerpts, observe and correct singing technique, the use of the different elements involved in the production of sound: breathing, sound production, resonators and harmonic enrichment.

Solo Repertory Workshop:

Study of classical works employing prior vocal technique. Adapt the style, colors and personal voice with the requirements of the works and the phonetic peculiarities of the original language.

Workshop Vocal Ensemble:

Adaptation of Vocal Technique and Interpretation of Repertory, to works that require the participation of more singers, interaction and adaptation as a ensemble.

Association Opera Friends of La Mancha